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Hit and Run Driver Found

by Thomas Stroble | March 8th, 2014

Lars PlougmannAccidents always create chaos and stress, but the stress is worse when the people who cause accidents flee the scene.  35-year-old Andrea Foy, a young mother, has been dealing with this over the last few days. She was injured by a hit-and-run driver after walking her daughter to the school bus stop. She was struck from behind, falling after impact and hitting her head.  A neighbor heard the accident and called first responders, who transported Ms. Foy to the hospital. She was treated for broken bones and minor injuries and returned home safely.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s department identified a … Read More

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Underage DUI Driver Kills Young Mother

by Thomas Stroble | March 7th, 2014

OnerasDriving under the influence kills. Michigan statistics indicate that approximately 4 percent of collisions in our state involve alcohol. Accidents involving a DUI claimed almost 300 lives in 2012 and injured over 5000 more. Driving under the influence also destroys the lives of drunks that are caught, especially if they committed murder using their vehicles as a weapon.

The actions of people who drink and drive can destroy lives and ruin others in an instant. A recently married young mother, Maria Bailey-Collins, was killed when an 18-year-old intoxicated driver, Zachary Parker, slammed head on into her vehicle. Parker, who … Read More

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Cold Weather Causes Accidents All Over Michigan

by Thomas Stroble | March 5th, 2014

The recent cold weather that has overtaken the United States has caused problems all over the roadways, including Michigan. Hazardous whiteouts have led to a multitude of car accidents in Michigan.  That is what police say was to blame for a multiple-vehicle accident that recently took place outside of Ann Arbor.

On M-52, a semi started a chain reaction that led to at least one death and several injuries. The crash happened near Sharon Township in Washtenaw County. Across the state, other accidents have been reported due to the recent wintry weather. Schools are closed in some areas due to … Read More

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Pets Rescued from Burning Apartment Complex

by Thomas Stroble | March 2nd, 2014

Township Square Apartments was the site of a structure fire recently that had affected multiple apartments. Part of putting out the fire, however, included rescuing at least two dogs, cats, and rabbits that were trapped inside. Thankfully, everyone survived this fire including the animals. Dogs, cats, and even a rabbit were rescued. However, the structure was heavily damaged from the blaze.

Too many people find that they make it out of a fire only to find that their pets are still trapped inside. This can be more devastating than the loss of property to people who feel that their … Read More

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GOP Continues Push For No-Fault Insurance Reform

by Thomas Stroble | February 20th, 2014

steakpinballCar insurance is a tricky subject for a lot of people. After getting in an accident, there can be a lot of bills that pile up quickly, leaving people without the funds to live their normal life. Michigan is planning changes that might make that more difficult in extreme cases.

Proposed changes to the law would take away the unlimited lifetime benefits that auto-insurance companies are currently capable of paying out. In its place would be a $10-million lifetime cap. This move comes after an attempt by House Republicans to pass a similar no-fault insurance policy last year.

In addition … Read More

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