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Employee Misclassification Can Affect Workers’ Compensation Benefits

by admin | September 2nd, 2015

Workmans' CompensationWhen a company hires you to do a job, the company must decide whether to classify you as an employee or as an independent contractor. There are many differences between the two classifications, especially in regard to the benefits to which you are entitled, such as unemployment or workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits are extremely important in case you ever suffer a job-related injury or illness. However, workers who are deemed to be independent contractors are not entitled to this type of benefit.

Are you wrongfully classified?

Many workers are clearly and rightfully independent contractors and they should be … Read More

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Ways That Companies Avoid Paying Workers’ Compensation Benefits

by admin | August 3rd, 2015

filling up a work injury claim form

When you are injured at work, you likely expect Michigan workers’ compensation insurance to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and more. However, you may be surprised when you learn that your workers’ comp claim has been delayed, denied, or approved only for a lesser amount. Workers’ comp insurance companies use many tactics to limit benefits and liability, and the following are brief overviews of some of these tactics.

Your were misclassified as an independent contractor

In many dangerous industries, including construction, companies may wrongfully classify or reclassify workers as independent contractors to cut costs. If, in reality, you should … Read More

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FAQs about the Workers’ Comp Process

by admin | June 18th, 2015

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The process of applying for and receiving workers’ compensation can be a confusing one. The following are some brief answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Michigan workers’ comp program through the LARA Workers’ Compensation Agency.1

When should I report an injury I suffered at work?

In Michigan, you should always report an injury to your employer within 90 days.2 However, it is always a good idea to inform a supervisor or someone else of an accident as soon as you possibly can. If you wait to report the incident, your employer or … Read More

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Workers’ Compensation Claims Increase During the Construction Season

by admin | May 12th, 2015

Hurted Hand Holding A Work Injury Claim FormAs the weather becomes warmer and there is no more chance of snow during the spring months, many construction crews are heading out to new sites to begin projects. Though construction crews are necessary to build and repair structures and roads, construction is also one of the most dangerous industries. In 2013 alone, over 20 percent1 of all workplace fatalities in the United States occurred in construction settings. Thousands more construction workers suffer life-threatening or life-changing injuries while on the job. These workers and their families deserve to receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Top Risks of Injury in Read More

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One Worker Dead, Two Injured as a Result of Explosion at Their Work

by Thomas Stroble | April 19th, 2014

Sometimes we work in situations that could cause us bodily harm if we are not careful.  Our employers also have a duty to keep us safe from harm occurring as a result of our job.  In fact, it is the law that they do so.

Recently, in Nashville Tennessee, a horrific accident occurred at an ammunition plant.  An explosion occurred in the evening while 20 workers were inside the building.  According to reports, one worker was killed and three others were injured as a result of the explosion and fire that immediately followed the blast.  The injuries ranged from … Read More

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