Workers’ Compensation Claims Increase During the Construction Season

by admin | May 12th, 2015

Hurted Hand Holding A Work Injury Claim FormAs the weather becomes warmer and there is no more chance of snow during the spring months, many construction crews are heading out to new sites to begin projects. Though construction crews are necessary to build and repair structures and roads, construction is also one of the most dangerous industries. In 2013 alone, over 20 percent1 of all workplace fatalities in the United States occurred in construction settings. Thousands more construction workers suffer life-threatening or life-changing injuries while on the job. These workers and their families deserve to receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Top Risks of Injury in Read More

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Types of Negligent Acts in Car Accident Cases

by admin | May 7th, 2015

car accident michigan attorneyIf you are in an auto accident, you may be certain that it was the other driver’s fault. In order to recover for your injuries in court, however, you must do more than simply state what your believe. Instead, you must present evidence that sufficiently shows that the driver was negligent in some way and that the negligence led to the accident and your injuries. Moreover, the negligent party can sometimes be someone else besides the driver. For example, if a driver fails to stop and slams into your vehicle, you may think they were not paying attention. However, … Read More

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Car Door Accidents Cause Serious Harm to Bicyclists

by admin | May 5th, 2015

car-door-bicycle-accident-michigan-lawyerBicycle accidents can occur in many different ways. Collisions can happen in intersections, in moving traffic, in stopped traffic, and more. One common type of bicycle accident that can cause severe injuries is often referred to as “dooring.” This type of accident happens when a motorist suddenly opens a car door without watching and a bicyclist cannot stop before crashing into the car door. This type of collision can often lead to catastrophic and possibly permanent injuries for cyclists and may require extensive medical attention.

Bicyclists are expected to ride as far on the right of a road to avoid … Read More

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Pay Attention to Recalls for Defective Auto Parts

by Thomas Stroble | May 1st, 2015

defective-auto-parts-michigan-attorneyWhen you purchase your vehicle, you should be able to trust that it is in working condition and that none of the parts of the car are defective. When certain parts on a car malfunction, motorists can be involved in extremely serious collisions. For example, if a commercial truck driver is on the highway and a set of defective brakes suddenly fail, the driver can lose control and the truck can collide with any cars or other objects in its path. In such situations, the manufacturer of the defective part should be held liable for any resulting damage and … Read More

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Claims of Negligence and Battery in STD Injury Cases

by Thomas Stroble | April 29th, 2015

battery-negligence-std-michigan-lawyerIf you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from a person who knew they were infected, you are likely extremely angry and want a sense of justice. The civil justice system does not allow you to simply march into a courtroom and point fingers, however, and in order to file a viable legal claim, you must have what is referred to as a “cause of action.”[1] This cause of action as well as the facts to support your claim must be set out in the complaint that you file to initiate the lawsuit. If you do not adequately … Read More

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